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Your New York and Long Island Mobile Detailing Specialist. Specializing in Rinse-less Washing, Paint Protection, and Car Detailing

Rinse-Less Wash: Safer, Faster, and Environmentally Friendly

How Rinse-less Works:

A rinse-less wash is made up of advanced polymers that stick to surface contaminants such as dirt or oily particles. The polymers found in a rinse-less have greater lubricity than soap and form a film around the particles to protect the surface from abrasions during the washing and drying processes. Rinse-less washing also leaves behind a slick and glossy finish, with no need for large amounts of water and no need to rinse the vehicle after it’s applied (for heavily soiled areas we do pre-rinse the vehicle with a pressure washer).

Safer Than Soap:

Soaps are surfactants usually used for washing, bathing, and other types of household chores. However, there is nothing in soap that helps with the removal of dirt.  Rinse-less encapsulates dirt which prevents marring or abrasions to the clear coat and allows for the particles of dirt and oil to sink to the bottom of the wash bucket.

Soaps lubricate while on the surface, but once rinsed off water alone does not provide the lubricity required to properly dry the vehicle, often leaving behind love marks and swirls.

It’s during the drying process which contributes to most paint-induced damage. Rinse-less is PH neutral, contains NO VOCs, provides substantial lubricity; especially during the drying process, and can be safely and effectively used on all automotive surfaces. 

The most durable and long lasting paint protection that also produces an amazing shine for years to come. 

A thorough cleaning of your vehicle's interior will leave it looking new.

Boost Wash

A proper way to wash a Car to get it looking like new again. 

Multi-step process which greatly imporves the smells of your vehicle. 

Removing the layer of dirt found within your vehicle's engine bay and bring back to like new

Maximize the shine, clarity, and depth of your vehicle’s paint.

Servicing the NYC and Long Island Area
at your Home, Apartment or Office

Our Most Popular Detailing Services:

Standard Full Boost Detail 

A proper wash to get your vehicle in pristine condition.

Paint Enhancement

If you’re looking to maximize the shine, clarity, and depth of your vehicle’s paint then a paint enhancement might be what you are looking for. This is where we’ll polish the paint to perfection to enhance the paint’s gloss and shine to help it look its best.

Other Detailing Services

Ultimate Full Boost Detail

This is the most popular cleaning service we offer. Whether it’s your daily driver, family minivan, or anything in between, we can get your exterior/interior looking like new again

Engine Cleaning

Carefully remove the layer of dirt and dust from your engine and bring it back to a like-new.

Smoke Odor Removal

We eliminate the odor for good

Ceramic Coating

The most resilient and enduring paint protection that produces an amazing shine.

Maintenance Boost Detail

A simple, but thorough cleaning of your vehicle’s exterior & interior.

What We Offer Our Customers:


Time Of Arrival

We will communicate with you throughout the process. We will let you know when we’re on our way.


Drop Us a Line

We’ll provide you with the most accurate information to help you understand the process and what services will best fit your needs.


Professional Services

Our passion for what we do will show. We are there not just to clean your vehicle but provide you with exceptional service.


Booking an Appointment

Once you’ve booked your appointment you’ll be notified by text and email to confirm your appointment. If you can’t make the appointment for any reason, just give us a call.

Serving Douglaston, LittleNeck, Bayside and Nassau County

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