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Maintenance Boost Detail

"A Fast & Simple Cleanup"

The Maintenance Boost Detail is our maintenance detail service that’ll keep your exterior & interior looking good all year long. A monthly service that is provided after your vehicle has undergone our Ultimate/Standard Boost Detail Service. Depending on the size and condition, this service usually takes an hour to complete

Boost Detail


Step 1: Pre-rinse with rinse-less wash and pressure washer

How it’s Done:

Step 2: Wheels and tires cleaned and dressed

Step 3: Application of rinse-less wash

Step 4: Dry vehicle with a plush microfiber towel and high-quality ceramic sealant

Step 5: Through Interior Vacuuming

Step 6: Floor Mats Cleaned & Vacuumed

Step 7: Light Interior Dusting

Step 8: Windows Cleaned

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