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Paint Correction

“Removing Swirls, Getting the Most Gloss, Clarity, and Depth While Preserving Your Vehicles Clear Coat”

Leaving as much as your factory clear coat intact on your vehicle is a top priority at Boost Detailing. Our paint correction process is aimed at removing around 70%-80% of the swirls, scratches, and imperfections to bring out the most clarity and gloss.

Depending on the condition of your vehicle, whether the vehicle is new or not, some imperfections won’t be totally removed, but we can get it looking significantly better.

All too often detailers are playing “Russian Roulette” and removing too much clear coat! Each year clear coats are getting thinner and thinner, so it’s our priority at Boost Detailing, to preserve what’s on the vehicle and minimize the damage.

If you’re looking for a safer and more efficient option to get your car washed in New York and Long Island, we are most likely the place for you.

This service is offered with our Ultimate Boost Details.

Step 1: Pre-rinse vehicle with Rinse-less wash – encapsulates surface dirt and contaminants

How it’s Done:

Step 2: High-quality all-purpose cleaner is foamed onto wheels, tires, and areas where dirt accumulates. Areas are then gently agitated with a paint-safe body brush to remove embedded dirt

Step 3: The vehicle is rinsed with a pressure washer to flush away the dirt

Step 4: Embedded contaminants are removed with a clay towel and iron remover, leaving the surface of the vehicle smooth and contaminant-free

Step 5: The vehicle is given a final rinse to remove the iron remover, and a rinse-less wash is reapplied to the vehicle with the Ultra Black Sponge™. This helps to lubricate the surface which prevents damage that may be induced during the drying process

Step 6: The paint is polished to safely remove the swirls and scratches. This is performed with the least aggressive polish and pad combination to help preserve your vehicle’s clear coat. If necessary, a more aggressive polish and pad combination are used to spot-correct more severe blemishes and deeper scratches

Step 7: Enjoy the shine!

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