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Smoke Odor Removal

Best Odor Removal Service in NYC

As a former smoker, I understand the convenience of smoking in your car. However, the chemicals associated with cigarette smoke have shown to have adverse health effects, as they become trapped in the interior of your vehicle, especially for the young ones in your family.

The only way to reduce these harmful chemicals is with a full interior cleaning. Our Ultimate/Standard Interior Services with the addition of an odor eliminator will help achieve this goal.

How it’s Done

STEP 1: Blowing out the interior with compressed air

STEP 2: Thorough vacuuming of all interior surfaces that were loosened by the compressed air

STEP 3: Clean all interior surfaces with a high-quality APC, all-purpose cleaner

STEP 4: Hot water extraction of all fabric surfaces

STEP 5: Clean all interior glass and mirrors

STEP 6: Fumigate the interior with an odor removal bomb  

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